Many Lleisiau Bach Little Voices projects are carried out with groups of up to 8 children, using the basic 6-step Children as Researchers method. This enables children to control the whole process, selecting their own issues, methods and modes of engagement.

Delivery can be adapted for larger groups and for special requirements or interests. A group may already have issues they are working on, and want a Lleisiau Bach project to enhance their work. For example, St Cyres  were already working to promote sign language teaching in mainstream schools;  Hafal wanted help from children to evaluate a new mental health service, and HAPPEN wanted children to lead on implementation of a healthier school programme.

Large scale projects can be done, for example for UNCRC reporting, with multiple local groups involved in designing, distributing and analysing surveys across Wales or beyond, like when Wales Lleisiau Bach groups joined with young researchers in the UN’s Day of Discussion on Children as Human Rights Defenders 2018.

Groups undertaking a Lleisiau Bach Little Voices project can connect with each other and with decision-makers on new issues. For example, groups attending a Lleisiau Bach climate change summit took time out to respond to a Welsh Government consultation on the circular economy; others met with the Senedd’s Children Young People and Education Committee to help with their inquiry into the impact of child rights laws in Wales.

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